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Business Process Management - Continuous Improvement

Business Process Management Model

Light Beam utilizes the Business Process Management (BPM) model to help medical device and biotech companies understand and manage change.  This BPM model is perfectly synchronized with the DPMTM* change management model that Light Beam uses to help clients manage dramatic change.  While leading organizations have implemented quality management and improvement programs (such as Lean Management, Manufacturing and Six Sigma), the BPM model supplements these efforts by providing management a powerful model to manage change during times of stress - enabling the organization to respond to rapidly changing customer, market and regulatory demands.


TruePulseTM* software solutions are based on a BPM framework to improve quality of patient care and to optimize the operational efficiency and bottom line of the organization by providing a holistic view of the entire value chain of business processes. By providing real-time access to information, clinicians and executives are able to make more informed decisions to fine tune the day-to-day operations for greater efficiency resulting in improved margins and preserving its mission.


  *Trademark owned by and used with permission from infoMINING LLC.