Illumination, Clarity, & Insight

Change Management

Light Beam utilizes the DPMTM Change Management Model to help
medical device and biotech companies understand and manage change.  

Light Beam's innovative mix of services and solutions
map directly to the DPMTM Model for Change management.

Financial Consulting & Industry Benchmarking Services 

Business Health AssessmentTM*

Our financial health assesments provide valuable insights to executives by benchmarking the financials of our client's company vs. those of a chosen competitor or peer and vs. the industry. This benchmarking and trending report gives unprecedented visibility to a company's relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It also provides a valuable basis for strategic planning and strategy workshops.

Management Consulting Services

P&PTM * Management Consulting = General Management Consulting

Consulting on Process Mapping & Process Improvement

Company Specific Consulting

                          • Inventory Management
                          • Information Technology Services
                          • Medical / Technical Services
                          • Customer Services
                          • Staff Training and Development
                          • Quality Assurance
                          • LEAN Manufacturing/Management
                          • Marketing and Public Relations

Management Tools

TruePulseTM* Solutions - Our innovative software solutions overlay your existing information systems to provide an integrated view of the enterprise. Today's health care business silos are bridged without complex and intrusive integration. You can gain the benefits of a homogenous environment without sacrificing your "best of breed" vendor strategy.



                  • TruePulseTM Dashboard -  provides real-time, meaningful monitoring of your most important metrics and alerts key people to critical conditions. It can be customized to meet your Balanced Scorecard requirements for scorecard-based organizations.

Business Intelligence

                  • TruePulse solutions provide enterprise wide business intelligence using real-time data and without building an expensive data warehouse.


                      • TruePulse solutions, based on the Business Process Management (BPM) framework, can deliver improved workflow to your organization.  TruePulse solutions optimize operational efficiencies and improve your company's bottom line by providing a holistic and real-time view of the entire value chain.

  * Trademark owned by and used with permission from infoMINING LLC.