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Key Business Planning Processes, Tools & Documents


The Strategic Plan - This is the culmination of a company-wide broad planning effort.  It is the executive summary of the way the company sees itself, its opportunities, its markets, its competitive advantages, and its overall success in its markets.
  • Strategic Plans
  • Balanced Scorecards

The Product & Software Development Roadmap - The product life cycle choices and the intimate relationships between mechanical products and software / data transfer capabilities.
  • Product & Software Development Roadmaps
  • Product Charters / Business Plans

The Marketing Roadmap - This outlines the relationships of all the marketing / promotional / positioning / pricing activities globally and in each region.  It shows the programs being executed and the reasons for choosing them.  It also shows the tie-ins in how the products are being marketed globally and in each region.
                          • Marketing RoadmapsProduct Map - The DNA of a company's Product Development plan.  The Product Map outlines each product generation, the reasons for evolving the products, the timing, and the product phase-out choices.
                          • Product Maps