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Key Information Technology Solutions


TruePulseTM* Electronic Dashboard

The TruePulse Dashboard provides real-time, meaningful updates against your most important metrics and can be customized to deliver your Balanced Scorecard. The TruePulse Dashboard utilizes color coded alerts to capture attention and provides drill-down capabilities to quickly identify root causes.


Living Balanced ScorecardTM* Electronic Dashboard

The Living Balanced Scorecard is for companies that use the Balanced Scorecard methodology for progress guidance, assessment, and reporting. The Living Balanced Scorecard is an electronic dashboard built with the TruePulse technology that reflects the real-time values of the metrics outlined in a company's Balanced Scorecard.


Real-Time Enterprise Business Intelligence Tools

Providing true visibility of key IT performance metrics is essential.  The key metrics are scattered across various IT management tools and applications, making it difficult to provide visibility into the overall performance of the core business systems.

TruePulseTM* Technology:

                                        • Aligns the business systems to IT operations by presenting key business and IT metrics in near real-time
                                        • Links operational metrics with the business systems performance and availability
                                        • Clearly represents the relationships between the IT operational infrastructure and the business systems
                                        • Correlates and aligns the key the real-time metrics in the service model to the same view and service model in the OLAP data cube for reporting and analytical analysis
                                        • Maps and aligns the metrics thresholds and alerts of the IT operational metrics to the business systems and applications.  This provides CIOs with the confidence to know if and when systems are slow or unavailable.

  *Trademark owned by and used with permission from infoMINING LLC.