Illumination, Clarity, & Insight

Light Beam: Consulting for medical device & biotech companies

Light Beam helps medical device companies ...

                            • by counseling on strategy, strategic plan development and tactical execution,
                            • by helping managers identify and evaluate new business opportunities,
                            • by providing commercial and financial expertise, tools, and support,
                            • by providing and executing a robust change management process,
                            • by evaluating and developing product & software development road maps,
                            • and by supplementing the management talent on specific projects.

Light Beam engages the expertise of experts to support leaders in ...

                            • Strategic Planning
                            • Global Commercialization
                            • New Business Development
                            • Financial Management
                            • Strategic Alliances
                            • Organizational Design
                            • Portfolio Management
                            • Business plan development
                            • Branding
                            • Internet Marketing
                            • Clinical Trial Development
                            • Software Products
                            • Product Launches
                            • Global Distribution