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Strategy Development - Strategy means choosing

 - Michael Porter -

Are you be a big fish in too small a pond?

Southwest Airlines chose to be the low cost provider in every market it serves. 

Structural choice: Southwest Airlines flies a single type of airplane (Boeing 737s).

Is it time to explore new markets?

Apple Computers chose to build an extraordinary user experience rather than simply a great business computer.

Structural choice: Apple built ITunes, the most advanced and comprehensive content engine ever developed.

Is it time to leave the familiarity of your current market(s) for greater opportunity?

Richard Branson chose to launch Virgin Money in Australia

Structural Choice:  Sir Richard noted that "Until recently Australia had nine banks but the big four gobbled up the smaller ones leaving Australians with little choice and higher fees. Virgin Money has arrived to give Australians a choice again."  

The choice was lower fees and a simple story.



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