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 Stacey Cram, Principal / Senior Consultant


As Owner and President of Light Beam LLC, Mr. Cram provides consulting services to healthcare clients to improve their business performance by utilizing leading strategic planning tools and methodologies, the Lean Canvas, Balanced Scorecard (Kaplan) methodology, KPI assessment and development, financial analysis tools, product portfolio management techniques, and partnerships that bring innovative IT solutions to a broad variety of management challenges. For over 20 years, Stacey has provided guidance to the healthcare community where his experience in medical sales and marketing encompasses products and software solutions in cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, general surgery, neurosurgery, interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, diagnostic testing, blood banking, pharma, cell therapy and pharmacy. Stacey did his MBA training in Strategy and General Management at the Carlson School of Management - University of MN after completing pre-medical training at the Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO.  His management experience includes developing and driving adoption of many foundational processes for worldwide marketing and sales, national and international sales management (direct and distributor sales) strategy mapping, integrated planning, product maps, project prioritization, training and global distribution.


Light Beam brings added value through its quality partnerships.  The value chain that Light Beam delivers is improved by the strength of its partnership team.

Our partners are all C-level professionals with 20+ years experience in service areas such as business strategy, business development, finance, software development, and advisory services.  The collective experience and expertise of our partners helps ensure the service offerings we provide are exceptional and deliver significant value to our clients.

Light Beam's associate partners include ...

      • a CEO of a dynamic consulting firm focused on process improvement and information technology support for medical oriented businesses.
Former Executive Vice-President and Principal with a successful consulting firm responsible for developing and managing the Enterprise Professional Services practice with an established track record for starting and growing businesses within the computer technology services sector. Former founder and CEO of a highly recognized firm focused on using IT technologies to improve clients' bottom lines.

      • a Harvard-MBA & President at a financial, business process and information technology services consulting company.
His company specializes in identifying gaps in corporate financial performance, correlating technology fixes and/or business process enhancements, predicting deterministic impact to first year freed cash flow and earnings per share, and articulating anticipated business value (based upon change) to C-Suite Executives. His company has a vast experience with a variety of Industry Segments including: Oil/Gas, Manufacturing, Financial, Banking, Industrial and Healthcare.

  • an IT Principal and Chief Data Architect for a consulting company providing services to clients directed at data architecture.
Prior to his current role, he spent 16 years with a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs where he was the Director of Databases & Operations. He lead the development and database design for the Centralized Management System which improved management visibility and reduced cost by improving operational effectiveness and efficiency. His data architecture responsibilities also included the design of interfaces to Financials, HR and other critical corporate databases.  In Operations, he was responsible for the Enterprise backup and SAN storage solutions and was a regular contributor for business continuance planning and Data Center design.

We feature new partners as they join our firm.


Our growing list of partner service and technology providers ensures that Light Beam is able to bring industry leading expertise and technologies to support your business needs.